Wax Fresh

Wax Fresh Surfboard Wax Remover


Say goodbye to the hassle of removing old wax from your surfboard with Wax Fresh, the innovative multi-directional wax scraper designed by surfers, for surfers. Made with ergonomic recycled plastic, it's easy to use and environmentally friendly.

If you're a surfer, you understand the frustration of removing stubborn old wax from your board. But thanks to Gareth and Dyl, two Australian surfers, that struggle is now a thing of the past. Introducing Wax Fresh - the ultimate solution to keeping your surfboard clean and ready for action.

Key Features of Wax Fresh:
- Ergonomic Design
- Constructed from Recycled Plastic
- 100% Recyclable
- Proudly Designed & Made in Australia
- Created By Surfers, For Surfers