T.Patterson, Fish Sauce


The classic Sherman round nose fish outline that has gone so well year after year, and has just be refined over and over again with surfers from the North Shore of HI all the way to to the northern ends of Brazil and back to California. We still keep that single wing swallow tail and the reason why is the tail block is able to be pulled all the way in and that's how this wider out line works so well and your able to get this wider board onto rail so quickly and even get drive and speed while doing so. There is slight single concave fading into vee running right off the bottom of that tail. That vee just lets the board roll right over on to rail when you are on just gutless surf that would seem so hard to surf on other boards but this vee just keeps that board on rail with ease. The rocker on this one is kept low just to give you more speed over flat sections. This board is geared more towards smaller mushier surf but there is a few guys that will ride these boards year round believe it or not. Timmy designed this board to work best ridden with a twin fin and small trailer center fin. You can get real creative in the length you like to ride this model in. Some guys will ride them longer with lots of volume and other guys will go as short as they possibly can and cram as much volume in as they can.



5'8" x 20" x 2" 3/8 - 31.6L

5'10" x 20" 1/2 x 2" 7/16 - 34L

5'11" x 20" 1/2 x 2" 7/16 - 34L

6'0" x 21" x 2" 1/2 - 36.6L