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Indio Endurance, PLUS Banana Light, 7'0" x 23 x 3 1/2 - 68L

Banana Light

Don't be fooled by its boat-like (or longboard) appearance, the kick in the tail rocker makes this board turn like a shortboard. The nose rocker helps to avoid digging the nose on the take off and rails during bottom turns.


This board is perfect, if:

  • You want a relaxing session and don 't want to hassle with the groms on the inside.
  • You are a novice to intermediate surfer and are looking for a fun wave catching machine.



Tri 1 tab fins included.
Futures Fins System


Epoxy Construction:

  • Proven Shapes
  • EPS fused cell core
  • Extra High Quality fiberglass Lay Up
  • Extra durable epoxy glass
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with Futures Fins.