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Quiksilver Ultimate Softboard


With a soft foam deck and a durable 0.8 mmm HDPE plastic slick bottom, these boards are top quality for performance and durability.Ā It's a super stable wave catching machine and will ensure youā€™reĀ definitelyĀ having the most fun in the line-up!


Care Instructions:

1.Ā Rinse your board with fresh water after every use to remove dirt, sand, and salt residue.

2. If possible, please store your board away from direct sunlight, in a cool, dry location

3. If your board has a hole or scratch in the foam surface, you can purchase any ā€œNon-Solventā€ based glue to repair it. Spread the glue inside the hole or scratch and let it dry before using.

4. You can also use any ā€œNon Solventā€ based glue to repair side rail seams (where the slick bottom and foam surface join together). Spread the glue in seamand let it dry before using it.