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'All That Is Three' Infinity Necklace, Gold-Plated Mid Circle


Three sterling silver interlocking circles on a strong but fine silver chain. In collaboration with renowned Instagram influencer Dominique, aka, 'All That Is She,'  and her playful hashtag creation #AllThatIsThree. The chain is like a jewellery version of the 'Mama, Daughter, Daughter' images Dominique has created with her daughters.

1mm thick interlocked, smooth open circles play together on a short to mid length chain. We're also mixing our metals cos we can't deny, it's just more fun that way! What would three interlocking circles mean to you?

Chain length (15.5" - 17.5" ) 39.3cm + 6cm extension.

First interlocked circle diameter 1.5cm, second 1.3cm, third 1cm.

8K gold-plated mid circle on sterling silver chain.