T.Patterson, X File Two


Comes off the older original X FIle but we had to re release it back into the line up once again! Comes with a lower rocker that gives you all that speed that your gonna notice right off the start but has just enough flip in the end of the rocker that you don't have to worry about clipping the rail or nose on any weird sections. The bottom really brings everything together on this outline. Starts off with a single that rolls into a double and then has a noticeable amount of vee running off the tail block. This really lets you load up with all that speed and lean right into that turn without fighting it at all. You can ride this board about your height give or take an inch or two. Works well in smaller surf up to about head high overhead. This model comes with a soft diamond tail. Tends to be a bit wider in the tail block as well.



5'7" x 18.69" x 2.25" - 25.25L